Google Webmaster expert says No need to do anything special for Evergreen content: Content is more valuable in the Internet world, and if we have Evergreen content, it is more useful. Writers produce quality content on the Internet, but they may not know if this is going to be Evergreen content. Only after such greate impact in Search Engines and when more readers impressed with the content and shared by millions, it becomes Evergreen contents.

Such Evergreen content gets old when year pass by, but what happens to the Evergreen content if some new writers publish the same concept in recent days, will Evergreen content rank goes down? It has become million-dollar questions to all the SEO followers and even to content writers.

Every writer could be worried when if Evergreen content page is too old by many years and may get plenty of questions, should be modified with a new date, or how do I notify to Search Engines? For all queries, Google Webmaster expert John Muller explained.

Google search users Saswata Baksi raised the question to John Muller via twitter asking about his several years old Evergreen content and how to notify google about it? To that, John Muller explains, ” If it’s Evergreen Content, then no need to do anything special and even the dates, keep as it is including dates and make it great.”

When you have old content and if you update anything, your last modified date will get updated in that RSS feed record, and google gets notified it. So here is what Google expects, do not change Evergreen content published date better keep it for better, and no issues “Last Modified” dates get updated.