Most of the Google Analytics users who are very new to Google Analytics will face this landing page report, which always shows index.php, as shown in the image.

Usually, the Google Analytics code is applied in index.html or the standard root file so that all pages will adapt to the GA tracking code. But we never used to place the code in index.php, then how come it appears in the Landing Page report.

Will it affect website SEO? How to fix it in Google Analytics?

No, this will not affect our website SEO standards. It is just common settings where we input while setting up new GA tracking for the respective website.

Analytics has a section called website “View Settings” in the Admin> Analytics Property. Google gets default page URL for static websites to report indexing pages in the Landing pages section.

We do not require to input any values to the “Default Page” field, which is optional and leaves the area empty and Saves it.