Web Design & Development

The rapid evolution rate in e-business complexity compels enterprises to mix or dissolve, or even separate, business processes quickly. They are seeking the ideal combination to deliver their services or products efficiently and effectively to their markets using the internet. They are also actively trying to find better ways to integrate their businesses virtually with partners, vendors, suppliers and customers.

Quite obviously, this leads to a situation where new processes emerge that are unique to enterprises / industries or even specific contexts. The challenge is, for such unique or distinct efficiencies, no off-the-shelf web automation or technology solutions are available. Demand for custom web applications is rising across the globe, stretching the efforts and resources of internal IT departments beyond logic. The situation gets worse when new technologies emerge or when sophisticated functionalities have to be introduced.

Roftr Future Technologies custom web applications solutions provide competitive advantage by addressing gaps in functionalities offered by packaged solutions.

Our deep expertise with markets and technology platforms enables us to offer a high quality, full range of life-cycle development services, from requirements gathering and definition, through the delivery and deployment of solutions. Our software development professionals bring years of experience in developing commercial software applications to meet both the business and technical requirements of a project.

Roftr Future Technologies development services include:

  • Requirements & Functional Specification
  • Project Definition
  • High and Low Level Design
  • Code & Unit Test
  • Prototype Design and Build
  • System Design
  • Application Development
  • Integration Testing & System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing & QA
  • Deployment

Roftr future technologies internet software development strengths, when combined with customer product and market knowledge, enable our customers to reduce development costs and improve time-to-market. Our web application experts have strong expertise and experience in multi-tier application design, data and process integration, established and emerging web technology standards. Our delivery methodology extensively leverages our business analysis and architect & design practices to deliver valuable business solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the magical term that gains immediate popularity and much business. We do Search Engine Optimization but with full meaning. We do the SEO right from the beginning phase of the website. We don’t do only marketing to achieve the SEO but we code the website in such a way 50% of the SEO is done by the coding itself. We have several techniques that gains popularity with search engines and results in top ranks while perform search.

Keyword research is the main area that helps gain top rank with several search engines. We have separate team on keyword research and they refine the keywords for the each page of the website periodically to keep the site among the top ranks with search engines.

Market with potential customers is the other major technique that contributes to the factor of SEO. We have large database of the potential customers email id, we’ll not email the link to all the customers but we have different segments based on their interest. If the website business model falls within their interest, we’ll email the link with perfect explanation and professional marketing technique, thus the website gains the popularity with right customers and obviously results in top rank among search engines.

Our steps involved in Search Engine Optimization :

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Meta Tags ( Title, Keywords,Description,H1)
  • XML Sitemap
  • W3C Validation
  • RSS Feeds
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • Dead Links
  • Site Load speed
  • Blogs
  • SEO urls
  • XML-RSS-Sitemap-Blog-Link-Article-Social Network Submission
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster
  • Backlink

very few points are listed here...

Internet Payment Gateway

What is Internet payment gateway?

Internet payment gateway is nothing but connecting customer and merchant for online sales using Credit Cards, Debit cards, Internet Banking, Amex cards, Cash cards...

There are many service providers who help merchants to have Secured payment gateway for their online retail stores. Indian Popular internet payment gateway services providers are CCAvenue, EBS, ICICI First Data, HDFC and more… International payment gateways are PayPal, and more…

How Secured is Internet payment gateway?

All Internet payment gateway protect customer credit card details by high level encryption and secured informations is passed between Customer – Merchant website and Merchant and Payment Gateway Processor.  Payments are processed thru HTTPS layer , HASH validation, IP verfication and 3D secured code. Every service providers will verify Secured payment gateway integration by Developers.

Its highly recommended for all online retailers to have https for their website to make sure website is Secured for Customers.

How to apply Internet payment gateway to Online Store?
Today, getting payment gateway to online store is not tough like early, we can get activated within 2 days. We have competitive Internet payment gateway service providers in India with least Transaction fees with EMI facilities. With following documents, Merchant can apply for Gateway.
1. Valid Company Registration Certificate [ Sole Proprieter, Partner ship, Pvt Ltd : any ]
2. PAN Card [ Company card & Authorized person card ]
3. Valid Photo ID proof & Address proof of Authorized person
4. Office Address proof
5. Bank Account should be on Company name [ Current Account ]
above documents are most important from merchant and other documents will be issued by Gateway service provider & Signed by Authorized person.

Payment gateway Integration
We have experienced Team to integrate National and International Gateway. Since we develop pure ecom website for merchant, which comes with most of payment gateway setup options like EBS, HDFC, ICICI First Data, Citrus, ATOM, CCAvenue, PNB, IDBI, PayPal, and any other country gateway Providers, can be easily enable-disable.
Our team also support other ecom applications like Wordpress, Magento, OsCommerce, Joomla and more...

Payment gateway Transaction Process
With the help of Payment Gateway, transaction process structure as follows
1. Customer places order on Merchant https:// Secured Layer website
2. Ordered item with price passes thru HASH Validation from Merchant https:// website to Merchant subscribed payment gateway for Card payment details.
3. Payment Gateway forwards informations to Payment Processor used by merchant acquiring bank
4. Payment processor forward Card and transaction informations to Card Association to get response of Approved or declined to the payment gateway.
5. Based on the Response , Payment gateway send informations to Merchant website with Approved or Declined Status for order confirmation status.
6. If Approved, amount will be credited from Customer card and passes it to merchant gateway portal.
7. Merchant will receive payment settlement by next working day or within 3 workings to his Bank account based on Gateway service provider terms.

Internet SMS Gateway

SMS gateway is must for every web application and commercial portals to send informations via SMS instantly.

Benefits of SMS gateway
- Send bulk SMS to all users in 1 shot
- Send password via SMS for  " Forgot Password" option
- Send Latest updates and Deals to users
- SMS verification for account activation
- Mobile Number Validation
- Payment confirmation notification via SMS
- SMS subscription
- Send group sms
- Scheduled Messages like Birthday, Anniversary and other occasion to users


- Own Sender-Id for Transactional SMS
- Random Sender-id for Promotional SMS
- Quick Filtering DND numbers
- Delivery Report
- SMS Templates
- Sent Message History
- Manage Groups
- Import / Export Contacts
- Developer API's

Domain & Hosting

We offer comprehensive-hosting services that allow extended enterprises to successfully deploy Roftr applications with minimal IT infrastructure and resources. Through our dedicated application hosting services, our customers receive worldwide access. We also support in-house server setup based on requirements.